Welcome to the North American Snow Queen Palace

The North American Snow Queen palace was built around 1860. It survived the 1955 flood of Winsted Connecticut. Electrified around the 1920s

Michele's and Lumi's apartment is one of the few that is original. Many of the other units have been "modernized" over the decades.

Below, are several pictures of the unit:

The Kitchen
The NASQ kitchen

The Living Room/old Studio
The Living Room/Old studio

The Multimedia studio/staging area
The Multimedia Studio/staging area

The Bathroom
The Bathroom

Michele and Lumi moved in around 2007 and have enjoyed their little home. They share it with two cats. Rusty and Fame. Rusty, rarely shows up on camera but he still enjoys his kitty pleasures of a nice warm place to live. Likewise, Fame is also very happy and loves to hog the limelight in most of Michele's or Lumi's videos.

Upon moving in, Michele installed 10Base-T ethernet in all of rooms and her Merlin II phone system throughout the building. Most of the apartments have internet via Wifi and some even have wired internet service. The same is true with the telephone service that is provided free of charge to all to use.

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How to reach us

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US. Mail
Michele Marie Dalene/Lumi Anne Finistra
112 Main St. Apt 9
Winsted, Ct 06098

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